D&B held its inaugural DunTrade Know-How Session last 28 January 2012 at the Executive Lounge in Cargohaus Building. The event was attended by the Presidents, Sales Managers, and Finance teams (particularly the Accounts Receivables group) of the various organizations under the Lina Group of Companies (LGC).

Sheila Lina, EVP/GM of D&B Philippines, got the ball rolling with a short opening address. Jimmy Ladao, President of D&B Philippines, spoke about the need for more efficient and effective credit risk management due to certain changes and trends in the business cycle. He was followed by Ronald Cabrera, DunTrade Leader in the Philippines, who gave a brief overview on the program and the benefits that participants may reap from it. Participants listened closely as Sab Lagunilla, DunTrade Specialist, conducted a short user training session on interpreting the Trade Payment Reports in the Trade Web Incentive program as well as how to access the website. The attendees were also engaged in a lively discussion and Q&A session which further broadened their understanding of the program.

Armed with a newfound appreciation for DunTrade, the companies pledged their continued support and participation in the program. The various companies were also awarded their respective Certificates of Participation and copies of the DunTrade Information Kit. D&B’s Operations Manager, Cris Matunan, closed the session by reiterating the need for trade information to manage credit risk.

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Credit transactions are a necessary part of doing business. However, in order to survive in the long term, companies need to manage its credit risk appropriately in order to minimize its bad debts as well as shorten its cash conversion cycle. D&B’s DunTrade program, which gives participants FREE access to trade payment data through an online program called the Trade Web Incentive, allows companies to monitor its customers’ payment habits in order to make more informed credit decisions.

To learn more about DunTrade, please email duntradecs@dnb.com.ph.